Why Are We Still Supporting Abusive Artists?

abusive artists

Chris Brown, R Kelly, Michael Jackson, the list of celebrity rapists and domestic abusers both convicted and suspected is ever-growing. The question is, why is support for such artists continuing to grow? And why are people so willing to overlook such horrific crimes just to listen to a good song or two?

A few weeks ago I was listening to music with friends and a song by Chris Brown came on. I refuse to listen to artists that have committed violent crimes, so my immediate reaction was “skip this song”. The reactions of my friends shocked me. Just like any decent person would be they’re glad when rapists or abusers are convicted, yet they were baffled as to why I didn’t want to listen to an artist that had not only publically committed domestic abuse but had gotten off lightly for it too.

Just streaming a song from a criminal artist may not seem like a big deal, but it can actually do a huge amount of damage.

First of all, the artist you’re listening to will earn royalties wherever you listen to their music. A common misconception is that you have to buy an album or merchandise to be supporting an artist. In reality listening to their music on streaming sites, even free ones like YouTube and Spotify, artists will receive royalties. 

As well as this, listening to criminal artists allows them to increase their rankings in the charts, nominates them for music awards and increases their popularity. This continually provides them with a public platform and allows them to grow as an artist. Should we really be allowing such vile people to be a popular figure in the public eye?

In short, no. Keeping abusers, rapists and pedophiles popular in the public eye does nothing but validate their actions. Praising artists for their music instead of shaming them for their actions communicates the idea that you can commit any crime you like and still be rich, famous and popular. This gives young people the impression that the safety and security of women is less important than an R&B bop.

When a regular person is convicted of rape or domestic abuse there is widespread uproar and disgust. We need to be having this same reaction when it comes to those in the public eye. If not, this kind of validation will only increase violent and sexual crime statistics.

If you care about the safety of victims then stop listening to the music of abusers, pedophiles and rapists. Don’t give them a platform, don’t validate their actions, don’t let young people think that what they’ve done is appropriate. Listening to these artists makes YOU a part of the problem.


  • Naomi (Inching Forwards)

    I really couldn’t have put it better myself. I’m a big champion of putting your money where your mouth is, and that includes not supporting abusive or violent entertainers. I actually can’t believe that someone like Chris Brown still has a record label, but it’s because people don’t care, and therefore he’s profitable. Little actions go a long way, so I hope you manage to win some more people over to your way of thinking.

    • chitchatblog

      I completely agree, as long as something is profitable morals go out of the window. I do hope that somebody reading this will be made aware of why they shouldn’t be supporting these artists.

  • Shannon Sweeney

    I remember when the lead singer of Lostprophets was convicted. Literally haven’t even hummed one of their songs since, it feels gross. It’s sad too because not all of the band were child abusers but they lost their careers anyway. I think at the time there were so few convictions and now there are so many people have become used to it.

    • chitchatblog

      I agree! I think people have become so desensitised to it that people continue to listen and don’t consider the consequences.

  • Nyxinked

    I remember when the whole scandal with Chris Brown came out years ago. My sister (who was young at the time, about 14) loved him. I asked her ‘Why are you still supporting him when he was abusive to a woman like that?’ and she said ‘Oh, he didn’t mean it.’ How she even got that out of the whole situation is beyond me.
    I would also just like to re-iterate what Shannon Sweeney said about the lead singer of Lost-prophets. I love their music, I love the songs they sing BUT since he was convicted I haven’t even so much as listened to a line of song.

    • chitchatblog

      People are so willing to justify the actions of celebrities it’s crazy! If only everyone would understand why it’s so important to stop listening to them.

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