Simple Wardrobe Staples

simple wardrobe staples

Fashion is subjective: nobody has the same sense of style or identical wardrobes. That being said, there are certain pieces of clothing that every wardrobe can benefit from having, whether they’re to accessorise, be comfortable or be worn for any occasion. For anyone looking to revamp their wardrobe, here’s my list of fashionable staple pieces that everyone should own:

Black Jeans

A good pair of black jeans should be a feature of every wardrobe! Black jeans are perfect because they’re so versatile; wear them with a hoodie for a comfy and casual look, with a t-shirt for a typical day out or with a dressy top and heels for a night out. Not only can they be worn everywhere with anything, but they also come in tons of different varieties. Ripped, not ripped, high waisted, mom, the possibility when it comes to black jeans are endless. My favourite are these high waisted, ripped jeans from New Look

Simple Belt

Belts are one of the best accessories because they’re both practical and fashionable. Jean’s too big? Use a belt. Shapeless dress? Use a belt. Outfit looking a bit boring? You guessed it, wear a belt. Belts can really bring an outfit together, provide something you’re missing and even save you from buying a whole new wardrobe if you lose a bit of weight. They come in a ton of different styles and at the minute I’m loving the belt that came with my recent denim skirt purchase from Topshop.

A Good (and comfy) Pair of Heels

A good pair of heels can make any outfit instantly dressier. Great for meals, parties and going out, heels can compliment any outfit and also make you appear taller, slimmer and improve posture. My advice is to pick heels in simple colours that could match and outfit. I particularly love FSJ Shoes for heels at the minute because they have such a wide range of colours and styles that are perfect for any occasion. Their range of gold , black and white heels are gorgeous and would match almost any outift.

White T-Shirt

A white t-shirt is a cute and simple addition to any wardrobe. Wear with leggings or jeans for a quick and comfy outfit, or with dresses and skirts for a cute, everyday outfit. I love white t-shirts with a small and subtle message, like this t-shirt from Topshop.


Last (but certainly not least) is a comfy pair of trainers. Trainers can look great with pretty much any outfit, and they’re also practical and comfy which is always a plus. A simple pair such as classic Vans are great because they go with any outfit, but brighter statement trainers can also be a gorgeous addition to your wardrobe. My favourite trainers at the minute are these cute floral Vans.

I hope these simple wardrobe staples were helpful for anybody looking to update their wardrobe or change their style up. You can see more of my fashion posts here. What are your favourite fashion staples at the minute?

This post was kindly sponsored by FSJ Shoes.


  • Naomi (Inching Forwards)

    These are all great shouts! The only ones I don’t have are the black jeans, I must admit, which I’m sure must seem insane to a lot of people… but I just don’t like jeans much. But that’s kind of beside the point – I agree with the concept you’re going for here – it’s good to have some basics to just fall back on, that are always there and are versatile. Maybe if I can find some super comfy black jeans…

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